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Paragraph Essentials, First Edition
Linda Wong
Additional Exercises
Chapter 4: Descriptive Paragraphs

Proofreading: A Descriptive Paragraph
Print the following paragraph. Edit the paragraph by writing the corrections or changes in the space between the lines.

A Powerful Teacher
My nephew Chris is a powerful teacher. As he sits in his chair and listens to young children read his large blue eyes peer through his gold-rimmed glasses at the reader. His attention hangs on every word that is sounded out and every sentence that is completed his thin face and his nodding head signal to the reader that he or she read the words correctly. When the story is over Chris leans over to type in a message for the student on his talking computer. Sometimes he asks the student a question about the story sometimes he praises the student or gives a boost of encouragement. One young reader who just finished his turn reading out loud to Chris smiles at Chris gently touches his arm and then moves closer to give Chris a quick hug. The corner of Chris's mouth curls up into a quick smile of pleasure. The next reader moves in to sit in front of Chris's wheelchair and to begin her turn practicing reading out loud. Once again Chris's attention completely focused on the reader. After Chris responds to the reader he says good-bye to the class with his computerized voice. As I watch Chris's stiff hand poke at the controls of his wheelchair to back up and then move forward toward the door. I realize how much he is teaching these young readers he is teaching them intangible values. He is teaching them that people with physical limitations or challenges can be productive members of society. He is teaching them that behind his physical body that has limited mobility an individual with intelligence feelings and personality resides. He is teaching them to value and respect diversity. The lessons Chris teaches are subtle but incredibly powerful.


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