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Grassroots 8/e
Susan Fawcett
Grammar Jam
Here you will find the secret to improving your writing: practice, practice, practice! Grammar Jam brings you lots of it, with a review of the "top ten" grammar errors, computer-graded quizzes, self-tests from online writing labs (called OWLs), and much more.

To get the most out of your Grammar Jam sessions, search for exercises that target your personal error patterns-that is, those darned mistakes you tend to make over and over. Remember: one comma splice error, made five times, is five errors to anyone reading your work! Ouch. Why not keep track of your quiz results, so you can impress your instructor with your progress? Have fun practicing.

10 Most Common Grammar Errors-and How to Avoid Them
Do you make any of these common grammar errors? Test yourself and find out.

Computer-Scored ACE Tests

These practice quizzes give you immediate feedback. Each test is listed by Grassroots' chapter number and by subject.

Chapter 6 Subjects and Verbs

Chapter 7 Avoiding Sentence Fragments

Chapter 8 Present Tense (Agreement)

Chapter 9 Past Tense

Chapter 10 The Past Participle in Action

Chapter 11 Progressive Tenses (TO BE + -ING Verb Form)

Chapter 12 Fixed-Form Helping Verbs and Verb Problems

Chapter 15 Avoiding Run-Ons and Comma Splices

Chapter 16 Semicolons

Chapter 16 Conjunctive Adverbs

Chapter 17 Relative Pronouns

Chapter 18 -ING Modifiers

Chapter 19 Nouns

Chapter 20 Pronouns

Chapter 22 Prepositions

Chapter 23 Consistent Tense

Chapter 24 Consistent Person

Chapter 25 Parallelism

Chapter 27 Commas

Chapter 26 Capitalization

Chapter 28 Apostrophes

Chapter 29 Direct and Indirect Quotations

Chapter 31 Spelling

Chapter 32 Look-Alikes/Sound-Alikes

Online Grammar Quizzes, Exercises, and Games

If you need extra grammar help, many college OWLs and other sites offer Internet-graded quizzes, practice exercises, and review. Explore these interesting sites and bookmark your favorites. Happy practicing!
Guide to Grammar and Writing: topnotch grammar and writing exercises
Purdue University's OWL: list of grammar and spelling lessons; scroll to end of each choice for quizzes with answers
EnglishWorks: grammar quizzes listed by subject
Grammar Bytes: enjoyable site with simple grammar definitions, rules, and quizzes
Many graded self-tests useful to all students, not just ESL
Big Dog's Grammar: bare-bones English guide with interactive grammar tests
Helps you make a personal error chart-and get more from your practice and proofreading
Online dictionaries and thesauruses: find meanings, spellings, or synonyms

ESL Corner

For help and practice geared to ESL problems, click this link. ESL Corner