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Scholarship Essay Contest Entry Form
Entry Form

Every institution of post-secondary education in the United States and Canada offering a student success course is welcome to nominate one student for the scholarship.

For each national winner: $1,000 will be awarded toward tuition reimbursement.

  1. Host a school-wide competition for students enrolled in student success or study skills courses. In these local contests, ask each of your students to write an essay on the topic: "How do you define success?" The essay should not exceed 750 words. We suggest integrating the contest into your fall syllabus. You might also want to try making it even more interesting for your students. For instance, one school is allowing students to be the final judges.
  2. The instructors (or students) at each school decide on a winner for that school.
  3. The three national winners will be announced in March.
For every student nominee: The winners from each entering school will receive an award naming them the 2008 winner of the Master Student Award for their school.

Please submit entry form to

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