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 Career Resource Center
From College to Career Success:
A web-based career resource center.
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From College to Career Success
Begin to think about the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace by practicing in college. Be prepared to make the transition from school to work by learning about what the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANs) says about skills necessary for successful employees.
 Building Learning Strategies
New strategies are useful to anyone who considers themselves a lifelong learner. Improve your reading and study strategies, writing, listening and note-taking skills and tips for improving your test taking abilities.
Managing Time
Using your time efficiently is a key to getting your work done--in school or at your job. Learn how to manage your time, create priorities and stop procrastinating.
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Thinking critically and solving problems are skills used everyday by employees and students. Read about new ideas to lead you towards solutions for success.