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 Career Resource Center
From College to Career Success:
A web-based career resource center.
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Problem Solving and Decision Making
Using skills you've learned as a student will help you to make decisions and solve problems at work. Make the connection using these ideas.
 Self-Responsibility and Self-Motivation
Being on the job has many similar responsibilities as being a student--except that your future job will be correlated to your performance. Stay motivated and get ahead.
Working in groups is common in many arenas–making your communication and problem solving skills key areas to master.
Workplace Diversity Issues
Today's workforce is diverse in age, race and culture. Learning how to communicate across cultures, eliminate discrimination and embrace diversity will help you to achieve career success.
Professionalism and Corporate Cultures
Assimilating into the corporate culture may seem intimidating and overwhelming. You can prepare yourself by reading articles and talking to people who are already in the workforce. Being prepared will help you have a competitive edge.
Effective Communication
Communicating effectively both in written form an orally is an essential skill in any career. Technology has made it possible for communication on a global level, so being prepared for this environment is key.
A Personal Marketing Plan
Keeping yourself aware of changes in the market in which you are working as well as opportunities for growth will help to make you employable when you are promoted or if you decide to change jobs or even careers.
Lifelong Learning
Learning does not end when you graduate college and begin your career. Commit to being a lifelong learner.