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 Welcome to The Career Resource Center
Career HeaderFrom College to Career Success:
A Web-based Career Resource Center.

Throughout the three main sections of this site you will find a variety of tips, exercises, articles and ideas to help you on your journey from college to a successful and rewarding career.
CRC Updates
This Career Resource Center will be frequently updated with new articles, exercises, and case studies. If you would like to be informed when material is posted, please enter your e-mail address here      
The Bridge: From College to Career
Practice new skills in college that can be applied in your future to the job market. From Managing Time to Building Learning Strategies, this section will help you make the connection between materials you learn in school and their application to your future career.
Finding The Perfect Job
From research to résumé writing, from interviewing to cover letters, this section will provide you with tips on preparing for your job – from start to finish.
Skills For Your Future
Once you've landed a job, you will need to use your skill base to be successful in your career. Get ahead by using strategies in problem solving and decision making, self responsibility, and motivation. Learn how to work with others and communicate in the corporate culture.