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College Survival Consulting Services

College Survival Trainers' Preferred Learning Environment for On-Campus Training

1. Please fax us the advertisement or brochure you plan to use for your on-campus training so we can make suggestions before it is sent to participants.
We will bring all materials for the participants' use during the training.

2. To assist our facilitator(s) we ask that you provide the following:
  • Provide nametags: The first name should be in large black letters so everyone can easily read the name.
  • Choose a room large enough to allow participants to move around freely during exercises and breaks.
  • If possible, use a round table that easily seats 4 participants, so no one's back is to the presenter.
  • Have water stations or refreshments in close proximity and refreshed during the day.
  • Provide beverages and a snack for morning and afternoon breaks. (Protein suggestion: bagel with cream cheese and peanut butter, juice, yogurt, and coffee for morning snack; Fritos, crackers or pretzels with cheese, apples, grapes and soda for afternoon snack)
  • If the workshop runs all day or through lunch, a catered or hosted lunch near the event location will insure more instructional time. Another room for eating is a nice change.
  • The facilitator will work with the contact to determine the audio visual needs for the workshop.

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