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College Survival Consulting Services
Designing a College Survival Training or Symposium

The following is a list of frequently requested topics in the area of Student Persistence and Performance.

Campus-wide Student Retention Strategies
  • Active learning
  • Improvement of instruction
  • Student success strategies across the curriculum
  • Learning communities
  • Early alert and referral systems
Essentials for Planning a Student Success Course
  • Authoring a purpose statement
  • Defining course outcomes
  • Creating a syllabus and evaluation criteria
  • Sequencing academic and personal management skills
  • Starting with a bang! First day of class activities
  • Establishing a research component
Transforming the Learning Environment
  • Developing student self-responsibility
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Encouraging accountability, contribution, focused attention, risk taking
  • Honoring the Diversity of Learners
  • Styles of Teaching and Learning
  • Promoting critical thinking and creative problem solving skills
  • Engaging learning modalities
Methodologies to Engage Students as Active Learners
  • Facilitating collaborative learning
  • Critical writing: discovery and intention statements
  • Journaling and critical reflection
  • Classroom assessment techniques
  • Defining and assessing outcomes

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