Practicing College Learning Strategies, 3e
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Bookcover Practicing College Learning Strategies
Third Edition

Carolyn H. Hopper, Middle Tennessee State University


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Survival Kit
This Survival Kit provides the basic skills that you need to be productive from day one.
 Questions for Further Thought
After you have completed each chapter, answer a set of questions for that chapter, which can then be submitted to your instructor for review.
Journal Topics
Suggested journal topics for each chapter.
ACE Practice Tests
Take a practice test to see how much you've learned.
Additional Exercises
Use these exercises for more practice with the concepts and ideas presented in your text.
Remembering Cultural Differences
Read about how understanding Cultural Diversity can help you better communicate with the world around you.
PowerPoint Slides
View these helpful slides for more support in understanding the concepts presented in the text.
Virtual Field Trips
Explore topics from the text using these internet research trips.
Hemispheric Dominance Inventory
Are your right brained or left brained? Take this assessment to find out, and read more about brain dominance theory.
Locus of Control
Locus means place. What is your Locus of Control? Are you Internally or Externally Motivated? Do you believe you are in control or at that outside circumstances determines life's outcomes. Find out by taking this quiz.