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General Chemistry, Eighth Edition

Darrell D. Ebbing, Wayne State University
Steven D. Gammon, University of Idaho

Chapter 1: Chemistry and Measurement
Density Experiment
Chapter 2: Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
Gold Foil Experiment
Chapter 3: Calculations with Chemical Formulas and Equations
Diffusion of a Gas
Oxygen, Hydrogen,Soap Bubbles and Balloons
Chapter 4: Chemical Reactions
Dissolution of a solid in liquid
Conductivities of Aqueous Solutions
Zinc and Iodine
Chapter 5: Gaseous State
Liquid Nitrogen and Balloons
Collapsing Can
Balloon Submersion in Liquid N2
Effusion of a Gas
The Ideal Gas Law, PV=nRT
Kinectic-molecular theory/heat transfer
Visualizing molecular motion (singular molecule)
Visualizing molecular motion (many molecules)
Boyle’s law
Charles’ law
Microscopic illustration of Boyle’s law
Microscopic illustration of Charles’ law
Diffusion of a Gas
Chapter 6: Thermochemistry
Thermite Reaction
Heat of Reaction
Chapter 7: Quantum Theory of the Atom
Flame Test
Electromagnetic Wave
Refraction of white light
H2 line spectrum
Photoelectric Effect
1s orbital
2px orbital
2py orbital
2pz orbital
3dz2 orbital
3dx2-y2 orbital
3dxy orbital
3dyz orbital
3dxz orbital
Chapter 8: Electron Configurations and Periodicity
None Available
Chapter 9: Ionic and Covalent Bonding
Born Haber Cycle fo NaCl (s)
Chapter 10: Molecular Geometry and Chemical Bonding Theory
s-orbitals/bonding and anti-bonding
sp hybridization
sp2 hybridization
sp3 hybridization
pi bond
Two Electron Pair
Three Electron Pair
Four Electron Pair
Formation of C=C Double Bond in Ethylene
Chapter 11: States of Matter; Liquids and Solids
Unit cells and crystal packing
Chapter 12: Solutions
Dissolution of a solid in liquid
Solution Equilibrium
Chapter 13: Materials of Technology
None Available
Chapter 14: Rates of Reaction
The gas phase reaction NO and Cl2
Chapter 15: Chemical Equilibrium
Equilibrium Decomposition of N2O4
Effect of Temperature Change on Equilibrium
Chapter 16: Acids and Bases
Self-ionization of water to form H+ and OH- in equilibrium
Addition of HCl to Water
Chapter 17: Acid-Base Equilibria
Ammonia Fountain
Neutralization of a strong acid by a strong base
Chapter 18: Solubility and Complex Ion Equilibria
Supersaturated Sodium Acetate
Dynamic Equilibrium of Solubility Process
Chapter 19: Thermodynamics and Equilibrium
Work vs. Energy Flow
Spontaneous Reactions
Chapter 20: Electrochemistry None Available
Electrochemical half-reactions in a Galvanic Cell
Ammonium Dichromate Volcano
Chapter 21: Nuclear Chemistry
Radiation of Every Day Objects
Nuclear Fission
Reaction of Potassium Metal with Water
Chapter 22: Chemistry of the Main-Group Elements
Thermite Reaction
Reaction Potassium Metal with Water
Barking Dogs
Chapter 23: The Transition Elements and Coordination Compounds
Thermite Reaction
Chapter 24: Organic Chemistry
Formation of C-C Double Bond in Ethylene
Chapter 25: Polymer Materials: Synthetic and Biological
None Available