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Standard Deviation
Record your measurements
How to Calculate a Standard Deviation

  1. Record your measurements
  2. Calculate mean value
  3. Calculate individual deviations
  4. Calculate sum of squared deviations
  5. Calculate standard deviation
Appendix A in the laboratory manual shows you how to calculate a standard deviation. This interactive website quickly performs these calculations using up to 30 measurements that you provide. Additionally, this web site illustrates each of the steps needed to calculate the standard deviation.

The first step is to make and record your measurements. We represent each measurement with the symbol xi.
x1 = x2 =
x3 = x4 =
x5 = x6 =
x7 = x8 =
x9 = x10 =
x11 = x12 =
x13 = x14 =
x15 = x16 =
x17 = x18 =
x19 = x20 =
x21 = x22 =
x23 = x24 =
x25 = x26 =
x27 = x28 =
x29 = x30 =

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