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Business , Eighth Edition
William M. Pride, Texas A&M University
Robert J. Hughes, Dallas County Community College
Jack R. Kapoor, College of DuPage
Discussion Questions
Chapter 1: Exploring the World of Business

  1. In what ways have the economic problems that the nation has experienced in the past three years affected business firms? In what ways have these problems affected employees?

  2. What factors caused American business to develop into a mixed economic system rather than some other type of economic system?

  3. Does an individual consumer really have a voice in answering the basic economic questions?

  4. Is gross domestic product a reliable indicator of a nation's economic health? What might be a better indicator?

  5. Discuss this statement: "Business competition encourages efficiency of production and leads to improved product quality."

  6. In our business system, how is government involved in answering the four basic economic questions? Does government participate in the system or interfere with it?

  7. Choose one of the challenges listed on pages 26-27 and describe possible ways that business and society could help solve or eliminate the problem in the future.