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Strategic Management , Sixth Edition
Charles W. L. Hill, University of Washington
Gareth R. Jones, Texas A&M University
Case Discussion Questions

Case 1. Vail Resorts, Inc.

Case 2. Adrenaline Air Sports: Where the Speed Limit Is 120 Miles per Hour . . . or More

Case 3. General Aviation: An Industry Note

Case 4. Redlands Municipal Airport

Case 5. Perdue Farms, Inc.: Responding to Twenty-first Century Challenges

Case 6. Wizards of the Coast, 1990-2001

Case 7. Napster

Case 8. AtomFilms

Case 9. ZOOTS - The Cleaner Cleaner

Case 10. Nike: Sweatshops and Business Ethics

Case 11. WestJet Looks East

Case 12. Avon Products, Inc.: The Personal-Care Industry

Case 13. The Body Shop International: U.S. Operations

Case 14. J. P. Morgan Chase & Co.: The Credit Card Segment of the Financial Services Industry

Case 15. Toyota: The Evolution of the Toyota Production System

Case 16. Nucor in 2001

Case 17. Digital Devices: Current and Future Market Opportunities

Case 18. Treo: Handspring's Last Stand

Case 19. The Home Video Game Industry: From Pong to X-Box

Case 20. Microsoft Windows Versus Linux

Case 21. IBM Global Services: The Professional Computer Services Industry

Case 22. SAP and the Evolving Web Software ERP Market

Case 23. Iridium: Communication for the New Millennium

Case 24. A Hundred-Year War: Coke vs. Pepsi, 1890s-1990s

Case 25. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc: Strategies for Dominance in the New Millennium

Case 26. Wal-Mart's Mexican Adventure

Case 27. Kmart Corporation: Seeking Customer Acceptance and Preference

Case 28. Tosco and the New Millennium

Case 29. The Evolution of the Air Express Industry, 1973-2002

Case 30. Airborne Express in 2002

Case 31. Blockbuster in 2002

Case 32. Video Concepts, Inc.

Case 33. AOL Time Warner: Creating a Colossus

Case 34. The Viacom Empire

Case 35. Monsanto (A): Building a Life Sciences Company

Case 36. Monsanto (B): Merger and Rebirth

Case 37. Eli Lilly & Company: The Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Case 38. Kikkoman Corporation in the Mid-1990s: Market Maturity, Diversification, and Globalization

Case 39. CenturyTel in a Bear Hug

Case 40. Whirlpool Corporation's Global Strategy

Case 41. "You Push the Button, We Do the Rest": From Silver Halide to Infoimaging at Eastman Kodak

Case 42. Restructuring Exide

Case 43. First Greyhound, Then Greyhound Dial, Then Dial: What Will Happen in 2002?