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College Accounting, Eighth Edition
Douglas J. McQuaig, Wenatchee Valley College
Patricia A. Bille, Highline Community College
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Chapter 1: Asset, Liability, Owner's Equity, Revenue, and Expense Accounts
Chapter 2: T Accounts, Debits and Credits, Trial Balance, and Financial Statements
Chapter 3: The General Journal and the General Ledger
Chapter 4: Adjusting Entries and the Work Sheet
Chapter 5: Closing Entries and the Post-Closing Trial Balance
Chapter 6: Accounting for Professional Enterprises: The Combined Journal (Optional)
Chapter 7: Bank Accounts and Cash Funds
Chapter 8: Employee Earnings and Deductions
Chapter 9: Employer Taxes, Payments, and Reports
Chapter 10: The Sales Journal and the Purchases Journal
Chapter 11: The Cash Receipts Journal and the Cash Payments Journal
Chapter 12: Work Sheet and Adjusting Entries
Chapter 13: Financial Statements, Closing Entries, and Reversing Entries

Chapter 14: Notes Payable
Chapter 15: Notes Receivable
Chapter 16: Uncollectible Accounts
Chapter 17: Ending Merchandise Inventory
Chapter 18: Plant and Equipment
Chapter 19: Partnerships
Chapter 20: Corporate Organization and Capital Stock
Chapter 21: Corporate Work Sheets, Taxes, and Dividends
Chapter 22: Corporate Bonds
Chapter 23: The Statement of Cash Flows - Direct Method
Chapter 24: Comparative Financial Statements
Chapter 25: Departmental Accounting
Chapter 26: Manufacturing Accounting